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Dimplex Quantum Heaters

Dimplex Quantum heaters (QM), a new range of storage heaters is now on the market.

The Quantum heater is essentially a more up to date storage heater using the latest thermal materials, providing greater control and efficiency. The Quantum heater range also upgrades and replaces the existing Dimplex FXL fan storage heater range which has now been discontinued.

dimplex quantum storage heater

What are the benefits of Dimplex Quantum heaters?

Using much higher levels of insulation, it retains 'most' of the stored energy and only delivers the energy to provide comfort when the customer needs it. It does this by the use of a low noise fan.

What is the difference between Quantum heaters and normal storage heaters?

Quantum heaters boast around 70% heat retention compared to around 60% on normal storage heaters - since some of the stored heat conducts through the casing while it takes an overnight charge and operates throughout the day.

Overall it's more energy efficient than the preceding FXL Fan storage heaters and the heat lasts longer throughout the night.

dimplex qm quantum heater controls

A more advanced LCD digital display makes controls easier, enabling the user to clearly read and set the temperature anytime. Previous storage heaters depended on a rudimentary output dial which meant estimating room temperature - commonly causing confusion.

A 7 day timer control enables the user to program the fan assisted 'boost function' to come on at special times, especially useful when going out all day and returning to a pre heated home. The fan assisted heat boost is particularly useful when the storage heater section exhausts all its heat later in the night.

Aesthetically the Quantum heater is more attractive than other storage heaters, which may appear clunky in tight living spaces.

Classed as a 'smart heater' it features an energy management system on a seperate wall device which plugs into the telephone socket, enabling communication with your energy supplier to further optimize energy efficiency and lower running costs. During popular 'peak periods' your energy supplier might want to look at ways of saving money on your electricity bills.

Quantum heaters have cheaper running costs than preceding storage heaters due to improved modern insulation material.


What sizes does the Quantum storage heater range come in?

dimplex quantum heater sizes

dimplex qm quantum heaters

Outlay and Running Costs

Although the Quantum heater costs slightly more on the outlay than the previous FXL fan storage heater - the improvements in lower running costs should make up the difference.

This is the first season, and for it to really take off energy companies and government will need to provide grants / incentives in the way they do with solar panels...

Room temperature profiles

room temperature profiles