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Dimplex Range and Models

XLS Automatic Ultra Slim Storage Heaters

XLS12N Storage Heater - 1.7kW
XLS18N Storage Heater - 2.55kW
XLS24N Storage Heater - 3.40kW

FXL Automatic Fan Storage Heaters

FXL12i - Automatic - 1.7kW + 1.5kW
FXL18i - Automatic - 2.55kW + 1.5kW
FXL24i - Automatic - 3.40kW + 1.5kW

CXL Combination Convector Storage Heaters

CXLS12 Automatic - 1.7kW + 0.9kW
CXLS18 Automatic - 2.55kW + 1.45kW
CXLS24 Automatic - 3.40kW + 2.00kW

Dimpex Duoheat (with radiant front panel)

DUO300i DuoHeat Radiator
DUO400i DuoHeat Radiator
DUO500i DuoHeat Radiator

XL and XLS Extra Compact Storage Heaters (for bathrooms)

XL6N - Mini - 0.85kW
XLS6N - Mini - 0.85kW
STR6 Towel Rail Kit - Towel Rail Kit for XL6 and XLS6

VFMi Range High Output Fan Storage Heaters (for office spaces)

VFM24i Commercial Fan - 3.4kW
VFM32i Commercial Fan - High Output - 4.6kW
VFM40i Commercial Fan - High Output - 5.7kW
VFM48i Commercial Fan - High Output - 6.9kW

SHF251 Foot kit for VFMi - Foot kit for VFMi

ZHI070E Element - Direct Acting 0.7kW Element for VFMi
ZHI110E Element - Direct Acting 1.0kW Element for VFMi
ZHI150E Element - Direct Acting 1.5kW Element for VFMi
ZHI200E Element - Direct Acting 2.0kW Element for VFMi

SHE Shelves and Accessories for storage heaters

SHE6 Shelf - Shelf for XL and XLS6
SHE12 Shelf - Shelf for XL, XLS and CXL12
SHE18 Shelf - Shelf for XL, XLS, CXL and FXL18
SHE24 Shelf - Shelf for XL, XLS, CXL and FXL24

SHF251 Foot kit for VFMi - Foot kit for VFMi

XL9050 - control cover plate for XL/XLS/CXL/CXLS
XL9051 - convector control cover plate for CXL/CXLS

XL Manual Ultra Slim Storage Heaters (discontinued)

XL12N - 1.7kW
XL18N - 2.55kW
XL24N - 3.40kW

CXL12N Manual - 1.7kW + 0.9kW
CXL18N Manual - 2.55kW + 1.45kW
CXL24N Manual - 3.40kW + 2.00kW

New Quantum heaters (coming soon)