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Future Developments for Storage Heaters

future quantum heaters

Intelligent Storage Heaters in the Future

Future developments in storage heaters are mainly going to be in the form of the wider use of digital controls. Intelligent storage heaters will play an important part in renewable energy, storage as part of advanced low energy home controls.

in the future electric storage heaters could become the most effective way to heat our homes, using carbon free energy, whether from renewable energy sources such as wind or from nuclear power stations.

Survival and Development

The market for storage heaters depends largely on 2 things:

i) There clearly has to be an attractive off peak tariff, typically a 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of normal electricity tariffs.

ii) Marketing by the electricity companies who benefit from the reduction in peak loadings on their networks.


At the moment electricity is not seen as being as green as gas because of power station emissions. This could change round if / when nuclear power comes on stream. In addition storage heaters could have new markets when combined with renewable energy sources e.g. wind power.

Costs in future