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Economy 7 Electricity for Storage Heaters

Night storage heaters utilize cheap rate electricity at night. The Economy 7 electricity tariff works for 7 hours overnight - usually between 12-7am.

How does Economy 7 work?

Economy 7 electricity costs about 4p per unit compared with on peak electricity which is more expensive at around 10 to 15p per unit.

You will either have one meter with two readings or two separate meters. A two tariff electric meter records separately your electricity used during off peak times so it can be billed at a lower rate.

economy 7 electricity

Economy 7 has different rates depending on the time of day. During the 7 hour period - at night - the electricity is billed at it's cheap off peak rate.

Economy 7 electricity can also be used to heat water, run washing machines and dishwashers... To make the most of cheap rate electricity it's best to use a timer or conduct household chores very early in the morning while you are still on the off peak tariff...

If you don't have Economy 7 electricity, it can be requested free of charge from your electricity provider..

Why is economy 7 electricity so cheap?

Economy 7 electricity is cheap for heating the home mainly because power stations can't be turned off at night; they need to keep generating electricity even when consumption is low at night.

The low tariff is an incentive for people, so the demand for electrical energy is spread evenly over the 24 hour period and levelled out during the uneconomical peak periods.

The reason electricity suppliers want this is for commercial reasons... It costs more to stop and restart the power-station than to keep it running and charge overnight users...