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How to buy storage heaters

An estimation of your home’s heat loss should be considered when buying a storage heater. There are several key factors that help calculate how much heat is lost, and help estimate the correct kilowatt (kW) loading required for a new storage heater:

• Size of room
• Number of outside walls
• Use of the room i.e. living, bedroom or bathroom
• Type/ age of construction, i.e. solid walls, insulated cavity walls
• Insulation properties
• Size of windows, and type of glazing

The following heat loss calculator can also help estimate how much heat is lost, although it should be taken as a rough guide only and not be used for detailed heat loss calculations.

Dimplex storage heaters are typically classified into four different sizes for domestic users. Each with optional extras like a thermostat, timer and fan...

• 0.85KW
• 1.7KW
• 2.55KW
• 3.40KW

Industrial storage heaters can come in much larger sizes.

Accurate selection of the correct storage heater kW rating really needs the advice of a heating advisor. The Dimplex heating brochure also provides a 'ready reckoner' which should allow you to estimate the size of the model you need. It's not just a matter of guesswork and the heater will cope. In the past when regional electricity companies were keen to promote storage heating they provided a sizing service.

One number customers should try for further assistance is Dimplex customer services on 0845 600 5111 and ask for the heating design team for free advice.