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Electric Radiators VS Storage Heater Costs

Some heating companies are clever at marketing the efficiency of standard 'on peak' electric radiators but do not provide any independent evidence to back up their claim that electric radiators are cheaper to run than storage heaters. Their claim is based on a very simple, common sense comparison!

electric radiatorsIf you are heating a room with an electric room heater then fitting a room thermostat will allow the unit to operate more efficiently, showing a running cost saving compared to one without any control. This is nothing new and in fact 20 / 30 year old energy saving advice. In this situation however, even with a thermostat, industry standard figures show normal mains electric heating to be twice as expensive as other forms of central heating, even off peak storage heating.

Some of these companies show less electricity consumption, but they don't show room temperature profiles. People should be warned about these claims. Industry standard figures show direct heating i.e. plug in electric heaters have running costs much higher than storage heaters or gas.

Storage heaters inflict lower peak loads compared to direct electric heating which initiate heavier loads for short periods.

Overall storage heaters are generally cheaper to run compared to 'on peak' electric radiators and panel heaters despite the clever marketing claims.

See running costs.