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Storage Heater Replacement
Old vs New

How much more efficient are new storage heaters compared to old storage heaters? Are they worth replacing?

The life expectancy of a typical storage heater is 10 - 15 years old. Models older than this should typically be replaced with modern automatic models. In recent years 'automatic models' have been introduced as standard since they offer small gains in terms of efficiency and economy.

Upgrading from old manual electric storage heaters to modern alternatives can potentially save around £100 a year if for example your monthly direct debit payment for electricity is £100. In some cases you can save considerably more...

If the heater is less than 10 years old it should first of all be checked and serviced to improve its performance rather than replaced. Elements and thermostats typically have a life of 6-8 years. A faulty thermostat or element is the most common problem in old malfunctioning storage heaters.

If your old storage heaters still work effectively and it's going to cost several thousand pounds for a new installation of modern storage heaters then it would probably take a long time to recover the costs so it may not be the most sensible use of capital.

For further advice on storage heater efficiency call Dimplex customer services.