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Creda Storage Heaters

Creda storage heater models include: Eco Response, TSR Slimline, TSF Turbo, Sensor Plus, SFHA Sensair, fan assisted and combination storage heaters.

Creda is a leader in developing storage heaters for homes and commercial environments. Creda has a wide range of advanced storage heating systems with a reputation amongst consumers for efficiency, style, flexibility and innovation. Creda operate in UK and distribute globally.

Creda storage heater range have pre wired connections making them quick and easy install. Creda storage heaters are made to quality control standards making the range low maintenance and highly reliable. Creda storage heaters also meet UK Energy Efficiency Best Practice Housing standards, excellent for energy efficiency.

Creda Eco Response Storage Heaters

Combining economy, fast response and easy controls Creda Eco Response provide constant low level background heat to prevent the frame of the storage heater from cooling. This fast responding storage heater can raise temperature on demand to meet your environment requirements.

Creda TSR Sensor Plus Automatic Storage Heaters

TSR Sensor Plus Range have a multi sensor to automatically input charge for increased energy saving. Automatic charge control offer greater convenience.

Creda TSR Slimline Storage Heaters

Manual input charge control heaters. Cheaper than automatic models.

Creda TSR Supaslim Combination Fan Storage Heaters

Creda TSR Supaslim range of combination storage heaters have a built in fan heater and manual input charge control.

Creda TSR Supaslim Combination Automatic Fan Storage Heaters

Automatic storage heaters with fan heater to provide heat boost. Multi sense automatic input control for increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

Creda SFHA Sensair Automatic Fan Storage Heaters

Greater insulation and effective heat retention with electric fan to draw heat.

Creda TSF Turbo Commercial Fan Storage Heaters

High insulation and heat storage ideal for large commercial environments. Controlled output large space heating.

Creda Storage Heater Accessories

Towel rails, Shelves, and safety guards.

Creda Storage Heater Spare Parts

All creda storage heater models