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Do storage heaters have fumes?

fumesThere are two main types of fumes or burning smells which are occasionaly associated with using a storage heater in the home, for the first time or randomly.

Strong pungent smell at the time it's new and turned on for the first time. This is due to the newness of materials and disappears in the first few days.

Light dust particles may burn off temporarily after the factory puts the product into commission. It is recommended there should be adequate ventilation during this commissioning period.

The second less common type of smell usually occurs after the heater has been in service for some time. This smell is a paraffin type smell. Usually caused by airborne solvents in contact with the hot core. The solvent breaks down into its simplest form, a paraffin.

Common Causes

Normally fume problems are present when decorating has been carried out, due to the use of solvents or thinners. Sometimes even caused when a neighbour has been decorating nearby. Use of aerosol polishes and air fresheners for example are another cause.

On older storage heaters the smell can be produced when the unit overheats. The reason for the overheating should be checked by a service engineer.

If the manufacturer is Dimplex you should call customer services on 0845 600 5111.

Effects on health 'under normal circumstances'.

Some companies make unfounded claims in attempt at scaremongering customers to buy their product over a storage heater.

If there are instances where the air appears very dry then it is most likely where room temperatures in themselves are being kept very high. This is no different than similar effects caused by other forms of central heating and certainly not a danger to health or asthma sufferers. Storage heaters do not 'burn the air'.

In cases where the environment is unusually dusty this dust can cause what is termed 'wall staining'. This is where the dust is deposited on the wall above the appliance as the hot air rises around it and can occur above the appliance in any form of central heating.

Storage heaters provide steady consistent warmth throughout the day. In this respect storage heaters can be good for health in that there are no sudden changes in temperature, less drafts and less condensation. Below is a comment from a user who praises the service it has done.