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Dimplex Storage Heaters Guide

Dimplex is a market leader in electric storage heaters.

Dimplex storage heaters include a complete range of manual xl, automatic xls and fan assisted fxl storage heaters which come with a 2 year warranty.



Dimplex storage heaters mainly use off peak electricity, although some models have built in convectors to supplement stored heat using conventional electricity. Dimplex storage heaters are simple to assemble for flexible positioning and quick installation using secure wall fixings for safety.

Dimplex was also the first brand to produce Duoheat, a heater combining the efficiency of storage heaters and the immediacy of a radiant front panel which is revolutionary in the world of electric storage heaters.

What Dimplex storage heater models are available?

Manual Slimline XL

UK's most popular manual Dimplex storage heater compatible with off peak electricity tariffs. Manual Dimplex slimline storage heaters have manual input controls adjustable to control the amount of heat stored during the charge period.

Automatic XLS

UK's most popular automatic Dimplex storage heater compatible with off peak electricity tariffs. Slimline automatic Dimplex storage heaters have a charge regulator, automatically adjusts level of input charge when weather conditions change. Room temperature boost control increases heat output in the day by allowing more airflow through the heater core. XLS range is constructed to minimise user intervention.

Convector CXL and CXLS

CXL and CXLS convector storage heaters are similar to popular XL and XLS Dimplex storage heater models but have an additional built in convector heater to supplement stored heating. The convector heater gives instant silent top up heating. It can operate independantly of the storage heater. A convector thermostat can be set to maintain room temperature and automatically switch on when needed. Convector controls are conveniently displayed on the front panel.

Automatic FXL Fan Storage Heaters

Dimplex FXL Fan storage heaters contain thicker insulation than standard models. For additional heat boost there is a fan assisted output element. FXL fan storage heaters require little top up from day time electricity, resulting in low annual running cost. Automatic charging result in excellent economy for all electricity tariffs. For commercial environments there is high speed fan for fast heat discharge. Room temperature is calculated using accurate thermostatic controls.

Compact XL and XLS

XL and XLS compact Dimplex storage heaters are ideal for bathrooms and corridors, too small for larger storage heaters. Also suitable to supplement an existing heating system with additional background heat.

High Output VFMi Fan Storage Heaters

High output fan storage heaters are ideal for commercial premises. A thermostatically controlled quiet fan provides high heat retention and accurate output. The fan provides rapid room temperature lift and controlled heat discharge. To ensure air output temperature consistency, hot air from the core is automatically mixed with room temperature air. For maximum accuracy the thermostat has its sensor at the base of the storage heater next to the air inlet fan. The thermostat also accurately controls temperatures in large commercial environments where there are localised hot or cold areas.

Dimplex storage heater models