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Dimplex storage heaters reviews

Expert opinion helping you decide wheather an automatic, manual or combination dimplex storage heater is right for your situation.


In terms of manufacturers brands, all heaters are made to comply with the same International Standard and so perform in a similar manner. Automatic storage heater models will be slightly more ecomomical to operate than traditional manually controlled models. Fan storage heater models though more expensive to buy, offer the best in terms of ecomony and controlability a must for living areas.

Manual Dimplex XL storage heaters have the most control and response and are most popular. During interviews with service engineers their recommendation would be to always go for manual storage heater. When temperatures fluctuate outside you have more control over heat in your room than an automatic storage heater. If heat loss is high, or your home is prone to rapid heat fluctuations, manual storage heaters enable a better response to help retain heat without much maintenance. Spare parts need replacing now and again, apart from that they are highly recommended.

Some people love automatic Dimplex XLS storage heaters although they can have mind a of there own. During dramatic temperature changes they have been known not to generate enough heat. The automatic sensor does not allow for manual changes when whether conditions suddenly change outside, although some people prefer automatic becuase they are more economically friendly. Automatic has a sensor, if room temperature is high - sensor tells it not to take input charge which can cut costs.

Dimplex XL and XLS storage heaters are the most popular models.

Dimplex FXL automatic fan storage heaters have much greater heat retention with thicker insulation material surrounding the bricks inside so the heater can go on for much longer. You don't need to put the input charge so high compared to other storage heaters which can result in much lower electricity bills. When the FXL Fan storage heater is down to about one quarter of it's heat storage, an automatic fan helps convect heat across the room. The fan also has a seperate control so you can convect more heat when you want it. As part of new regulations for new build flats and houses the FXL fan storage heater is mandatory over other storage heaters since about two years ago. This is a more expensive storage heater however if you are a heavy user you can save a lot on your electricity bill.

The Dimplex CXL combination storage heater is effectively two heaters in one unit. A storage heater at the back and a convector heater conveniently at the front to help you save living space. With this combined heater boost you will never run out of heat. You have seperate controls for each heater for when you need an instant boost of heat using your on-peak electricity supply although this method can become expensive. This particular heater is most convenient for people who have a home which is prone to sudden fluctuations in temperature. For example if there is poor insulation or a lot of windows in the room being opened. It's hooked up to both your 24 hour electricity supply and off peak tariff. The front panel is also cooler and safer if you have small children.

Using a 'seperate' convector heater has been known to interfere with storage heaters; if a storage heater senses the room is already hot the input charge will cutout and won't charge the heater properly overnight.

Dimplex Duoheat storage radiators are also a storage and convector heater in one with a radiant front panel. Similar to the CXL combination range but a more modern looking and lighter version. The energy retention units weigh less at 11.7 kilos compared to 15 kilos on other heaters. Dimplex duoheat have better insulation than the CXL range so you can save more on your electricity bill because they retain heat longer. The heater senses room temperature to take a charge that night. You have a plus and minus LED control which is easy to use.